If your questions regarding returns and exchanges is not answered here, please contact us directly using the CONTACT US form. 


 ❥ I just noticed the wrong shipping address was given. May I get a refund?
• Unfortunately, as a seller, I can only ship to the address that was provided at the time of the transaction. I am not able to retrieve the package that was delivered to the incorrect address. I cannot provide refunds for wrong shipping addresses inputted. You may contact the customer service department for Paypal, your credit card company, or your local bank for the possible chance of being reimbursed. 

❥ Can I cancel my order?
• Please email us within 24 hours to cancel your order.

❥ Can I return my mouse ears ?
• Once you have received them, please contact us within 3 business days to return the ears. You have to pay return shipping costs, unless its due to a damage. Once the product arrives back to me, I will return the cost of ears.

❥ Can I exchange my ears?
• Sorry, we do not accept exchanges once you have received the ears. 



❥ My ears arrived damaged, what can I do?
• In the event that your ears arrive damage, the first step is to take a photo of the damage. We normally require this so that we can find a resolution to the problem and avoid from it happening again. We will pay for shipping cost, and once the items are received you will receive a full refund, unless you are happy with a replacement.